Let Capt. Ponytail take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. You'll fish the Roanoke River for Striped Bass or the backwaters of Winyah Bay and North Inlet for Red Drum, Trout, Floounder, Tarpon and Shark.
*** Saturday*** February 21st 2015 *** Join us the weekend of Feb 27th through March 1st for the Central Carolina Boat and Fishing Expo at the Greensboro Coliseum. Full schedule of seminars and lots of time to talk at the booth. Follow the red footprints on the captainponytail.com home page to see where we're located and check out the seminar schedule there as well. See you at the show!!! Roanoke River dates are getting booked up fast... be sure and give us a call to make sure your special day doesn't get booked before you have a chance to grab it. Check the calendar on the Roanoke Adventure page to see what's booked and what's left for you. Also booking Costa Rica... still some dates available on the "Dragin Fly" out of Los Suenos for "green season" 2015 and beyond.

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Next stop on the boat show trail is the Central Carolina Boat and Fishing Expo in Greensboro the weekend of Feb. 27 through March 1. We'll have a booth at the show and we also have a full schedule of seminars to be held during the event. You're welcome to stop by the booth anytime... Roanoke dates are going fast so we recommend you book your days as soon as possible by phone or email or stop by our booth at the show to finalize your dates. Our seminar schedule follows

12PMSEMINAR ROOM "A"Fishing Jettys in NC and SC... Time, Tide, and Place
4PMSEMINAR ROOM "A"Corking for Giant Red Drum on the Pamlico
6PMSEMINAR ROOM "B"Roanoke River Ocean Stripers

10:30AMSEMINAR ROOM "A"Pamlico Sound Giant Red Drum
2PMSEMINAR ROOM "B"Roanoke River Ocean Stripers

11AMSEMINAR ROOM "B"Roanoke River Ocean Stripers
2PMSEMINAR ROOM "A"Pamlico Sound Giant Red Drum

Be sure and join us for one or more of our seminars or catch us at the booth between the seminars. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Capt. Rod


Our first ADVENTURE of the year on the Roanoke River was one of the most successful seasons we've seen in the fifteen years we've been guiding there. There were fish there when we arrived early in April and we left them biting on Memorial Day. In between was some of the best fishing I've seen on the river. Numbers were almost staggering... some full day trips saw over two hundred fish caught and released. The size of the fish was also much better than in past years. During keeper season in April the ratio of keepers to small fish was average, but nearly all our customers caught their keepers for the day. In May the size of the fish improved dramatically, and the last two weeks of the month were awesome! They got much hungrier after the spawn and, just like years before, there were very few people fishing. We enjoyed a week or ten days late in May with five or ten boats on the water and unbelievable fishing. Going into the year, there was some concern that the fishery on the Roanoke was on a down turn. Spring 2014 eased those fears... the river came back strong with a banner season and hopefully a successful spawn. Thanks to all who joined us and we're surely looking forward to next April and a repeat performance.

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If you're in Myrtle Beach on vacation this summer, we've got an awesome fishing trip available that we'll plan JUST FOR YOU. From families, kids, and fun to the most experienced and hard core fishermen.... we pattern our fishing trip based on who you're bringing and what YOUR idea of the perfect fishing trip is.

Ask ten different people to describe their dream fishing trip and I guarantee you'll get ten different answers. We take the time to find out who is coming fishing with us and what we do and where we go is based on what our clients want their special day to be.

Red Drum (spot tail bass) trout, flounder, sharks, and tarpon are all available in the summer months.

We're situated right in the middle of twenty miles of unspoiled barrier islands where there is no development or people. A great getaway from the crowds of downtown Myrtle Beach.

We offer half day and full day trips and can comfortably carry up to four fishermen.

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Mid August till mid September you'll find us at Paradise Cove near Oriental, N.C. It's a lot of work to move north to the Pamlico for a month, but the awesome fishing there demands we go.

Giant Red Drum (Channel Bass) come inshore to spawn in the Pamlico, and we can guarantee the trip of a lifetime catching old drum that usually range from 35 to 50+ lbs. We're catching these big fish in a unique and super fun way as well. Instead of the traditional cut bait on the bottom while anchored method, we'll be chasing these giants and throwing popping corks and jigs at bait balls on the surface. The topwater bites are truly awesome... I had anglers last year tell me flat out they would trade ten big drum taken off the bottom anchored with cut bait for one bite on these topwater jigs. And the norm is NOT one bite, but many, as these fish seem to get crazy and readily bite from the chugging plunk plunk sound of a popping cork we have all used for speckled trout for years.

We'll be pulling both live and cut baits as well with our I Pilot remote Minn Kota trolling motor so we'll never lose touch with the school as we quietly "follow and catch" without ever being noticed. We'll catch 'em EVERY day.... and some days the numbers of fish are amazing.... honestly too many to admit to in print... so give us a call for what I honestly believe will be the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Great accommodations and the quaint seaside town of Oriental nearby make this a treat for the entire family.

This will be our most outstanding month of fishing the entire year.... DON'T MISS IT!!!

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In short.... we hit the best spots in North and South Carolina at THE BEST TIMES for excellent fishing. This gives you, your family, and friends the best chance at trophy fish and a great day of fishing. All on board one of the finest fishing boats available, a Pioneer Bay Sport 220 with the best electronics, equipment and tackle. The perfect combination for a perfect day of fishing.

Try us out in .... you will have a fishing adventure to always remember!