Let Capt. Ponytail take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. You'll fish the Roanoke River for Striped Bass or the backwaters of Winyah Bay and North Inlet for Red Drum, Trout, Floounder, Tarpon and Shark.
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Please watch this heartwarming video about the Dream Hunt and Fishing Program.

This is a story about a new Super Hero and his side kick, their names are Captain Rod Thomas and his wife Smokey.

My name is Terry Boyce and I am the Director of a non-profit organization named Dream Hunt & Fishing Program. The Dream Hunt & Fishing Program is a wish granting service for youth with Life Threatening Diease/Illness or a Disabling Physical Handicap. These youth have Dreams of going Hunting, Fishing or just enjoying the wildlife and the great outdoors. The program is not just about the taking of wildlife.

In January of 2011 I received three applications from youths to go fishing. I work very close with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Enforcement and Inland Fishery Divisions. They had put the word out that I was looking for some help to put three fishing trips together.

It didn't take but a day or two to hear back from Jeremy McCargo, NC Wildlife Inland Fishery. He called me and said that he had someone who wanted to help out and his name was "Captain Ponytail."

I had meet Captain Ponytail the year before during the stripped bass season at Weldon, NC. I called him and the first thing he and Smokey said was "What can we do to Help Out?" Just think what it takes to plan a fishing trip for one person,then multiply that times three, plus one of them in a wheelchair. After getting some dates that the kids and their families could go with,Captain Rod & Smokey moved some paying trips around so they could make it work for these kids.

Ryan Hart

Then on April 16, 2011 I meet with the first youth, Ryan Hart, age 9 from Elm City, NC at the boat ramp in Weldon, NC. What a great facility it is, it has to be one of the best in North Carolina.

Ryan was very shy when he first meet Captain Rod, maybe it was the "Ponytail". Ryan,his dad, granddad, Jennifer Snell (volunteer to take photos) and Captain Rod took off from the ramp.

Four hours later the boat returned but not with the shy little boy that had left earlier. I could hear little Ryan when they came around the turn in the river, it was "Captain this and Captain that." Ryan had just fell in love with Captain Rod, they had landed only four fish. The wind was blowing 35-40 mph. Little Ryan had a ball and had a new friend, Captain Rod.

Joshua Winter

The next morning was Joshua Winter, age 15 from Wilson, NC turn.

Again we have a shy young boy before leaving the ramp. This trip would include Joshua, his mom, dad, Jennifer Snell and Captain Rod.

About four hours later the boat returned with SMILES on everyone. I am thinking they must have really got into the fish but no they had only landed three or four fish. They were are smiles because they had all had the time of their life.

The first thing Joshua's mom said to me was Captain Rod is just "SUPER."

Nicholas Cain

The last trip was for Nicholas Cain, age 19 from Salemburg, NC who was already at the boat ramp waiting to go.

This was going to be a special trip, Nicholas is in a wheelchair and he couldn't wait to just get into a boat for the first time in his life. Before and after each trip we had assistance from Officers of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Sgt. Glen Hatcher, Officer Dustin Etheridge and Officer Patrick Brown.

This trip would include Nicholas,his dad,mom,Jennifer,Captain Rod and Smokey.

I waited at the boat ramp and after three or four hours they returned again with smiles all around. they had landed some fish this time and Nicholas had two keepers. The fish was not what Nicholas and is mom and dad were talking all about. It was about Captain Rod & Smokey and how they were just "HEROES." So now you know were I get they are both "SUPER HEROES."

There were others who helped make these trips great for these boys and their families: Pricilla West, Manager Hampton Inn, Chad Thomas,Kevin Dockendorf,Jeremy McCargo,Ben Ricks, NC Wildlife Resources Commission Inland Fishery, Ronnita Spence, Elizabeth City Wal Mart, Jimmy Simpson, Frito-Lay Chips, Lt. Norman Watts, NC Wildlife Resources Commission and all the nice people that help out at the boat ramp. Thanks to all of you for making great memories for these boys and their families.

Special Thanks to Jennifer Snell for taking all those photos.

Captain Rod & Smokey all the kids and their families said it over & over "YOU ARE SUPER PEOPLE." THANKS

Terry W. Boyce, Director, Dream Hunt & Fishing Program

email: terry.w.boyce@roadrunner.com

"To Put A Smile on A Kids Face, Take Them Hunting or Fishing. It's A Memory They Will Never Forget."

Please watch this heartwarming video about the Dream Hunt and Fishing Program.

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